Women’s favorite cocktail (Plus: Places to enjoy a cocktail in Athens)


A freaking hot summer day downtown in Athens (35 C), me and my friends from work decided to look around Monastiraki for a cool place to hide and enjoy a cool cocktail with friends!

As we tapped at Hard Rock Cafe Athens (Andrianou 52 Athens, click on the map) -and after catching up our breath- we agreed not to talk about business but to enjoy our cocktails (no alcohol of course, as we had to do some writing afterwards) and discuss issues that concern our love affairs (hot hot hot!)…

Meanwhile,  a group of girls was discussing something loudly (a guy had to be the cause, I’m sure)!

Really, as two friends have fun a bar what exactly are they talking about? Do they usually have the same problems with us or do they sit in a bar and just laugh, dance and flirt? And what is their favorite cocktail?

As a Relationship Editor I had the first answer! I love Cosmopolitan – it reminds me of “Sex and The City” – and when I go out with my best friend we talk about men and especially about previous relationships.

I try not to think about what had  truly hurt me at the time, but we surely analyze the behavior of our “ex”. Like Carrie and her friends! Like thousands of girls on the planet may be doing at the moment.

PLACE TO ENJΟΥ :  TGI Fridays because i love this place so much! (2 Neofitou Vamva Str. Athens, click on the map)

So I decided to record what women’s favorite coktails are and what they are discussing as they enjoy their drink:

Liana, 35, office worker

My favorite cocktail is Manhattan, after working hours opposite my office there is a bar where we go with my colleagues and drink 1-2 glasses.

As we drink we talk about the day in the office and about how to have children.

We exchange views and ideas on how to combine work with housekeeping, and what appeals to us is a Manhattan cocktail because at the moment we are clearing our minds from strained thoughts.

PLACE TO ENJΟΥ :  Peñarrubia Lounge because we love sea ! (43 Leoforos Poseidonos, 174 55 Alimos Kalamaki Athens,click on the map)

Melina, 25, student

Dry Martini is the drink of choice when I go out with my girlfriends on Saturdays. We are discuss our news on the road and we are just trying to get along well.

We switch off our mobiles, we have the digital camera in hand and we are capturing some moments from this particular evening. We laugh out loud, we dance, and if one flirts us, our self-confidence is being invigorates.

But the point is not flirting, but to have fun and find some time for the people we love and love us.

PLACE TO ENJΟΥ : Dry Caffe & Spuntino because we love Kolonaki (5 Koubari Kolonaki Athens,click on the map)


Lia, 35, accountant

A Bloody Mary together with my best friend is what it takes 2-3 times a week. We are talking about job and about wedding preparations that are time consuming and unfortunately the groom will not pay much attention. So there’s nothing better than being with your sister and your friend, browsing wedding magazines and drinking Bloody Mary

PLACE TO ENJΟΥ : Malconi’s Italian Restaurant because we love this town! (Patriarxou Ioakeim 43  & Ploutarxou 23,Kolonaki Athens,click on the map)


Katia, 29, responsible for events

Daiquiri on the porch in the cottage overlooking at the sea with my girlfriend listening to relaxing music. We talk about our fathers and about our summer holidays. The cocktail for us is “holy” and we want no one to bother us at the time.

PLACE TO ENJΟΥ :  because we love Acropolis! (Drakou 19 Koukaki Athens, click on the map)

Nadia, 18, student

Gin & Tonic is our favorite cocktail and we do not change for anything. We put in our glass and with my girlfriend we browse fashion magazines and discuss what we must to buy to feel more beautiful.

PLACE TO ENJΟΥ : The Clumsies Saturday night fever is still alive! Drop in and join the party! (Praxitelous 30 Athens,click on the map)

Konstantina, 29, medical device operator

Mojito is love! We enjoy it in some roof garden by listening to and dancing in the rhythms of dj music. We do not talk much at the moment with my girlfriend, we just enjoy our evening.

PLACE TO ENJΟΥ : Galaxy Restaurant & Bar because the Hilton is my favourite hotel! (46 Vassilissis Sofias Avenue Athens,click on the map)


In addition to my girlfriends, I went to a neighboring bar and found a group of 4 women and asked them what they were drinking and what they were discussing and here are their answers:

Athanasia, 39, employee in bank

Margarita I drink, to feel like I’m in an exotic place. With my friends I’m talking about my recent separation and I feel like I drown my pain in the cocktail.

PLACE TO ENJΟΥ : St George Lycabettus Hotel because Acropolis is very beautiful! (2 Kleomenous Street Athens,click on the map)

Christina, 39, office worker

I drink Tequila and I talk to the girls about my children and about how much I need a vacation.

PLACE TO ENJΟΥ : MoMix Bar Kerameikos because Molecular Mixology is very interesting! (Keleou 1 Gkazi Athens,click on the map)


Konstantina, 38, store manager

Cocktail Pina Colada for me and I analyze the themes of the work and how much my boss is angry with me.

PLACE TO ENJΟΥ : Nālu Cafe because we need vitamin sea! (Leoforos Poseidonos Kalamaki Alimos Athens,click on the map)

Maritina, 37, restaurant manager

A Mai Tai is that I have to drink to hear my friends and help solve their problems. I prefer not to talk but to listen to music and to dream of being on an island.

PLACE TO ENJΟΥ : Cinque Wine & Deli Bar because we love go out saturday night! (Agatharchou 15, 10554 Psyri, Athens click on the map)

What do you discuss with your friends?

If you also want to give me your own favorite cocktail and what you share with your girlfriend you can send it to our email: info@coverstory.gr


Do not forget to smile because you deserve it and if you want to try something different I recommend you try a beverage with biter chocolate flavoring …


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