When in Rome! Best Christmas ever (my travel blog)

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On Christmas day I always call my family who lives abroad to give them wishes for Merry Christmas and hear how they’re doing. This time my lovely cousin from Los Angeles whom I’ve spend so many good memories throughout the years -as we travelled a lot together the past years- told me that she was so close to me, in Rome and she invited me over that second.



I was glad this happened as my parents had already booked their 4 days vacation, my sister with her boyfriend as well and I didn’t want to be alone in town, as all of my friends would be with their families these holy days. So the next day I booked my ticket and the day after I was in Rome!



We stayed at Jerry’s (my cousin’s best friend) new apartment that she just moved there from LA as she has Italian roots and wanted to know Italy better. She was a designer in LA and worked for many fashion shows and decorated houses in Beverly Hills so she made hers the best on I’ve ever seen, it was like it was taken out of a royal movie scenery!



Every day we were going shopping at the center of Rome and had pasta for dinner which I adore and at nights we stayed home watching movies and had conversations about Jerry’s life which I found very interesting as she was married to a Rock Star of 70’s and had a crazy life working with some very famous people.



It was just what I wanted for my holidays, a place to relax and be surrounded by people that I love.



Get in the mood

Roman Holiday 
Director: William Wyler
Stars: Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck, Eddie Albert
(Greek Subtitles)

Shop It: 7,99 euro 

Till next time 


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