Trying out Drugstore Products: Vichy Neovadiol GF eye and lip


While Summer is approaching i am in search of trying out all new cosmetic products to make my skin look better and appear brighter.

This time I found a new treatment from Vichy it is called Vichy Neovadiol GF Eye and lip contour and is a targeted treatment for the eyes and lips. Layer after layer skin is reconstructed and repaired with tissular reconstruction technology.


VICHY, Neovadiol Gf Eye & Lip Contours

Τιμή: 27,23 ευρώ (19,33 ευρώ με την έκπτωση)


Wrinkles, pigmentation and dark shadows after only 10 days will be refined and lips will be nourished and plumped.

This product belongs to the company’s over 40 category but i used it for the last few days and my lips feel softer and more contoured all around so I wouldn’t say that younger age can’t use it.



It smells nice and because its tube is made out of aluminum, it simply smooths the formulation for immediate smoothing transforming it into a cooling gel without any greasy effect.

TIP: The ergonomic tube is shaped to adapt to the specific anatomy of eye and lip contours. Simply smooth the formulation where needed for immediate smoothing. Its dense, rich texture transforms into a cooling gel without a greasy effect.


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