My travel blog: When in Bali Brunch Spot no.2


Good morning from Bali!!!

This morning on the menu was another famous brunch spot called The Shelter, located in the heart of Seminyak.

I found this one while scrolling on IG and saw what amazing smoothie drinks they serve with blue spirulina which makes the color of the smoothie dark blue, with dragon fruit which makes it pink etc. today i got the omelette with zucchini and the dragon fruit smoothie. The taste of the eggs was ok but the presentation as its best with all the flowers 🌺 on top.



The smoothie was amazing but really cold as I forgot to mention not to make it with frozen fruits but from room temperature ones. The service though here is a bit off, they were really slow and we had to go to the cashier to pay as no one was coming.



Also they used to have some amazing flower chairs but now they changed them with some regular ones that made no sense for me as all its beauty was there.


Stay tuned! This is just day two 😉



If you wanna see all about the first morning of my visit to Bali, click the link and enjoy! 

CU soon!!!



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