Exploring Bali: Our day at Pasut black sand beach!


Black sand is so different from what we usually see in Greece so we really had to visit one here in Bali!

It takes its dark color due to the volcano and it is very shiny like there are tiny pieces of diamonds all over the beach💎.



As soon as we got there we took our shoes off and start walking.. we found a great place full with palmtrees and some abandoned villas that people were working on to make them livable again.



Further down we saw on the sand so many toothpastes and plastics that made us feel sick of how people can ruin places so virgin like this!



We found a plastic bag and started filling it up with as many toothpastes as we could and threw it out on the bins at the entrance of the beach.

I hope more people could do gestures like this to help clean up the beaches!

After that we went back to our motorbike for some water and there was an old lady selling fruits on the beach.



We felt bad because we were the only ones on the beach so we offered her some money and she gave us some coconut in exchange.

On the other side there was a crooked ‘palmtree”, the one that made the beach famous and i had seen it on many pictures on instagram.

I wanted to visit that beach, so we changed our bikinis and went to take pictures there.



It was so funny as we couldn’t climb the tree so well at the beginning but after a while we succeeded and we got the picture 😝.

The atmosphere was so clean and you feel amazing of all the nice air so we walked on the other side for a few meters as well.



Luckily we found a great hidden resort on the beach with a swimming pool and we were very excited to jump in the water as thr waves on the beach were hugw and we couldn’t go in.

This place was called Amarta Retreat (totally going back there next time).

We got our cocktails and fruit salad and we sat on the sunbeds for hours just looking at this amazing view!

It was also Mother’s Day so we called our mom to give her wishes.


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While in Bali i said that…

… every day i had to see the sunset because it is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever saw!

And this location was the best!

So we saw the sunset 🌅 enjoyed every little bit of it and it was time for us to go back to our villa. Definitely a day!

We found treasure with the views of this resort and we helped clean up some of the plastic waste, at the end it felt really nice!

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