Do I or don’t I need a haircut? Avocado tales…

Avocado tales – No more bad hair days


I was never font of cutting my hair or generally going to the hair salon even for a blowout as I felt that they were damaging my hair and not taking the right care. So, after 6 months that I took out my extentions and let my natural hair grow I was so happy with their length.

I thought ok it is time just to trim the split ends and finally went to the salon. Of course the hairdresser always cuts what she wants and so for cleaning up my hair she decided that more centimetres needed to be cut.

I was in shock and a little bit sad after that cause my hair was not long any more, with no split ends thank god but still shorter than I wanted.



As a solution I had read that Avocado 🥑 oil is helping to bind the split ends so as soon as I left the salon I went and bought the oil.

I am putting it in my hair everyday just on the edges a tiny portion as it is very thick and oily and I really hope i’m not going to need a haircut any time soon ✌🏼

Ask your pharmacist, as I did, or buy one online:

MACROVITA, Έλαιο Αβοκάντο 100 ml

Τιμή: 11,30 ευρώ (8,89 ευρώ με την έκπτωση)


BIOLEON, Λάδι Αβοκάντο 100 ml

Τιμή: 10,38 ευρώ (8,31 ευρώ με την έκπτωση)


AVALIN Avocado Ελληνικό Βιολογικό Λάδι 100ml

Τιμή: 18,82 ευρώ


TELIA OILS, Έλαιο αβοκάντο

Τιμή: 9,08 ευρώ 


Έλαιο Αβοκάντο Naturado 50ml spray

Τιμή: 8,60 ευρώ



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