Be adventurous in Greece: Road Trip to Loutra Pozar


Are you one of the people that don’t like to stay in a place for a long and always try to explore and do new things? Then this road trip is what you need. I am talking about a distance 1:30-2 h from my city, Thessaloniki, at Loutra Pozar at the foot of mountain of Kaimaktsalan in Edessa.

The past few years it has become a tourist attraction so there are always a lot of people there but they have many different pools that you can get in and enjoy the hot water so people are easily distributed.



I went with my parents on January 1st as we didn’t want to stay home or just go somewhere to eat as we were so full after the holidays. Once you get there, there are many hotels to spend the night, otherwise you can go just to the pools and maybe have a massage afterwards.

(Spa treatment: Don’t forget to get a massage)


Don’t forget your swimsuit!

It was my first time going there, the outside temperature was under 10 ° Celcius, and I had to take off my clothes and stay with my swimsuit and a towel. For a few minutes I thought I was crazy for doing this, but when I got into the hot water in the pool it was amazing I didn’t want to get out.

(Where to stay: Check in and enjoy!)

The water has a constant temperature of 37 °C and has healing properties, against arthritis, kidney, skin and circulatory system diseases, gynecological problems.

The past year I had a back problem and I was in pain almost all the time so I hoped that after this bath it would go away as it actually did. A week after now I don’t feel any pain, I don’t know how long it will last but I have my fingers crossed.

Totally recommend it!

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